Customised Stuffed Plush Toy with Pet Photo

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Customised Cushion with Photo of your Pet

Show your endless love of your favourite buddy by turning them into huggable printed cushion toys of the highest quality. It's a one of a kind replica of your pet and can also be an ideal gift for your loved one, something they can cherish forever. Front of the toy will feature a high quality digital print of your furry best friend. Back of the toy is made of smooth Velvet fabric with various colour options. 

How to Order:

1. Upload a high resolution photo of your pet with the order

2. Our artist will design the render and send it to you for approval.

3. Once approved, we will send it for printing & manufacturing.

4. After 2-3 days, we will ship this perfect plush toy so you can wrap yourself in ❤️ with it. 

Tips on Size & Colour selection

1. Pick a size which is closest to your pet's size to make it look realistic.

For small sized dogs like pomeranian, poodle, etc. - 15 inches would be the ideal size. For cats & medium sized dogs like pug, bulldog - 24 inches would be ideal. For large sized dogs - 27 inches is ideal.

2. Pick a colour for the back Velvet fabric which closely resembles your pet's colour. 

Total delivery time: 14-21 business days. 


Back Color
Light Green
Light Pink
Light Brown
Light Gray

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