Soft Plush Cartoon Zebra Socks & Wrist Strap Rattle Set for 0-24 Months Baby

Size Guide

These educational rattles are a fun way of improving hand-eye coordination in babies. Designed with plush material in attractive colors, your baby will love wearing it in his/her feet or wrist. A perfect educative musical toy for 0-24 months old babies!

Material: Plush cotton

Wrist 2ps TJ088
Wrist sock 4ps TJ091
Wrist 2ps TJ089
Wrist sock 4ps TJ090
Wrist 2ps 055
sock 2ps 056
sock 2ps 054
Wrist 2ps 614
sock 2ps 861
Wrist 2ps 971
sock 2ps 972
sock 2ps 693
Wrist 2ps 694

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