October 14, 2020 3 min read

You know you’re a mum, when your purse is a diaper bag…

Having a diaper bag checklist is a sure way to make sure that you don't forget to pack any of those essential items, and will save you some time too! Whether you have questions about what to pack in a diaper bag for hospital,what to pack in a diaper bag for newborns,or how to pack a diaper bag, we are here to help you. Let’s look at the main items for babies and diaper bag essentials for newborns that you'll want to make sure are in your bag before you head out for the day.

Everything for a diaper change

Make room for diapers

If you are wondering, “what do I need in a diaper bag?”, one sure answer always is diapers. Every newborn diaper bag checklists pdfs or diaper bag lists for hospitals are sure to include this essential. Diaper changes are unavoidable whilst out of the house, so make sure that you have everything packed into your diaper bag that you'll need!

Take diapers, one for every 2-3 hours that you'll be spending out

Wipes/cotton towels 

Always make sure that you have enough in the packet to last the day

A portable changing mat 

It's never nice to have to change your baby on the bare plastic fold down changing tables, and portable mats fold up so small they'll hardly take up any space

Diaper rash cream 

Buy a handy sample size to keep in your diaper bag at all times

Hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer is much easier than washing your hands whilst managing a baby!

A spare bag

A waterproof and washable bag to carry dirty nappies and clothes

Everything for feeding

Milk duty first

If you are bottle feeding, make sure that you have clean bottles, teats, and formula

If you are breastfeeding, remember to pack breast pads and a pump if you plan on using one whilst out

Clean muslin or burp cloths for spit-up, general mess, or to use as an extra mat whilst changing

Bibs to keep your baby's clothes dry whilst feeding


Keep that extra tee.

You'll want to keep extra clothes in your changing bag for any diaper leaks; 2 or 3 outfits should be enough! A couple of clean clothing sets kept in your changing bag will ensure that you're never left without an outfit to change your baby into. As well as this you may want to pack:

A hat is perfect accessory for warm or cold weather

Extra socks for sweaty feet..

Bodysuits are great to add an extra layer or for a cooler clothing option if it starts to get hot out!

And don’t leave the accessories behind. Keep some trendy scarf, crochet cowl in the bag as you never know when that bench in the garden will make a perfect spot for a photo click. Organic cotton scarves in adorable prints will look perfect with the outdoor jacket or just match it up with the plain, stripe tees.

Other essentials

Teether, Teddy, and more...

Here are some items to include in your diaper bag.

Sunscreen - Keep a travel sized bottle in your diaper bag

Teething toys 

This is for teething or older babies

A blanket to screen

The blanket can have many uses. It can be used to screen the pushchair or to keep baby warm and cosy whilst sleeping

A comb 

Yes, a little grooming always helps for the little ones. For those curly mops and tiny silky strands, a natural wood bristle comb is the “it accessory” for the baby.

Healthcare accessory kit

This one is a must have on your mommy backpack when travelling and vacationing out. It holds enough space for storing all necessary things of babies. You don’t have to put comb, thermometer, wipes etc individually only to misplace it when needed. Just put all the essentials in the handy kit bag and enjoy the vacation.

It's important to be smart when packing your diaper bag, over-packing can result in a lot of stress when searching for that one tiny item that's always buried right at the bottom. Keep a note of the items in this article to make sure that you only pack the essentials, as well as never being in a situation where you've forgotten to pack extra diapers!

Have a nice outings mammas and oh when in doubt, add one more diaper in the bag…,


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