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When it comes to children's clothing, 24 months is not the same as two years. It also perplexes parents all across the world. In terms of fashion, if your child is crawling and wearing a diaper, you have a baby. You've got a toddler on your hands if your youngster is walking and potty-trained. To satisfy your child's and your demands, the difference between a size 24 months and a size 2T is taken into account.

Clothing for babies is sized according to periods. So, for instance, you'll see six to twelve months or twelve to eighteen months. These sizes are meant to accommodate a youngster who is up to the top end of the age range. As a result, clothing designated six to twelve months are meant to fit a baby who is at least six months old but not quite twelve months old. When a label specifies a single age, such as 24 months, it means the item is suitable for children aged up to 24 months. It's all about how children's clothing is measured and labeled. When it comes to 2T, it means the item is for a baby under the age of two. So, a kid who is approaching their third birthday and a youngster who has just turned two should be able to wear it. When comparing 24 months and 2T clothing, there are various changes to notice.

As Nicole Fabian Weber writes in Cafemom.com, it's also worth noting that children's clothing is often sized in age groups that end in the highest month. 24-month products, for example, are designed for 18- to 24-month-old newborns, whereas 2T is designed for 2- to 3-year-old children. Babies come in various shapes and sizes. Some 12-month-olds might be wearing garments that are size 18-24 months. As a result, the size for 24 months and 2T differs. The 24-month sizes have a rounder design, which is great for a healthy, developing infant of any age who is still crawling. Size 2T clothing, on the other hand, is designed for toddlers who are just starting to walk. As your small baby learns to walk around, the profile is less spherical and more erect to allow for smoother movement.



Patricia Barnes, a home-schooling mom of 5, who has been featured on Global TV and quoted in Parents magazine, tells us about the following major differences in the two clothing sizes:

  • Departments

Clothing branded 24 months can be found in a store's babies category. This is because they are designed for newborns up to the age of 24 months. On the other hand, 2T clothing can be found in the children's section.

  • Diapers

To accommodate diapers, clothes labeled 24 months are trimmed more generously at the bottom. Designers and manufacturers of clothing presume that a kid under the age of two will be wearing a diaper, thus they create the garments roomier. The clothing has a more rounded form. Meanwhile, the same designers and producers presume that your child will be toilet trained by the time they reach the grand old age of two; as a result, the diaper area of the garments is trimmed more tightly. These garments have a slimmer silhouette. Also, 24 month garments are more likely to include snaps or other features that make diaper change easier. 2T, on the other hand, will not.

"Expect to find extra room for diapers and often snaps inside the legs to make changing easy," adds Mellicia Marx, owner of Poplin Style Direction, a children's styling business. "A toddler, according to brand logic, is likely potty-trained and no longer needs extra room for diapers or snaps along the inseam of pants."

  • Style

The clothes for 24-months are often more baby-like in style than the outfits for 2T. 2T clothing may not be small adult clothing, but it will be more childlike than babyish.

  • Brands 

In both ages, each brand's clothing dimensions may range slightly from one another. To make matters more complicated, some manufacturers, like Gerber, use the same height and weight specifications for their 24 months and 2T clothing, whilst others, like Carter's, use separate height and weight values for each. These are the measures used by Carter's:

  • 24M: 32-34 inches in height and 28-30 pounds in weight.
  • 2T: 35-36.5 inches in height and 29-31 pounds in weight.

Gerber's 24M and 2T sizes are about the same, measuring 32-34 inches tall and weighing 28-32 pounds. Another company that sticks to size disparities is Baby Gap. Its 24-month garments are 31-33 inches in length and weigh 27-30 pounds. Its 2T garments, on the other hand, are 33-36 inches tall and weigh 30-33 pounds.


Therefore, the developmental differences identify the changes in clothing sizes 24M and 2T more than chronological age disparities. 24-month clothing gives your child additional area around the caboose to accommodate a diaper. They have a rounder profile as a result, whereas 2T has a straighter contour and is designed with the notion that diapers are no longer used.

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