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A conscious effort for the better future...

How do I live stress-free? What is sustainability? Which is the best chemical free shampoo? Do these questions ring a bell? They sure do. If you seek answers of the same through basic search engines on your mobile or iPad, you will get thousands of results and suggestions for your query within a blink. And most of them will hint or guide you towards “going Organic”. Why, because it’s the way to be. Ask any health junkie; their immediate response will be like, Ohh I swear by organic products. Cereals, beauty essentials, and even this yoga mat, it’s all organic.

Going organic is not just limited to well-read nerds or tree huggers anymore. Growing organic farms, wearing Ahimsa or peace clothing, going dairy free, etc are some of the green-ways to show that you care for your well being as well as for the environment.

Love Green. Love Outdoors.

Now, responsible adults and organic lifestyle is a personal choice and reportedly a better one at that, but babies and organic clothes? What’s the connection? Well, we say start early to reap green benefits later! Affordable organic baby clothes are increasingly available and there are organic baby clothes brands too. Pesticide-free baby essentials and organic cotton baby clothes are turning out to be favorite among parents who want less exposure of chemicals around their babies and kids. In fact, organic baby products and ethical baby clothes have been finding a niche in the baby needs sphere for quite some time now. Stroll through any department store or baby Shoppe mart, you will definitely find a section with neatly stacked baby soaps, baby cotton clothes, organic kids clothing, moisturizers, and even a burpee cloth bearing the 100% organic khaki tag.

As a parent, you wouldn’t mind using organic baby soaps, lotions onto your little one's skin as you want baby’s delicate skin soft and rash free all the time. But, how about clothing them organically? From muslin swaddle blankets to chenille yarn newborn hat, organic baby clothing is certainly getting noticed and considered as a wiser option. You can get organic newborn clothes and organic toddler clothes.

I am ready for slow fashion, are you?

Organic baby clothing: What is it?

From organically produced raw materials to putting final embellishment like wooden buttons, jute linings, etc, organic clothing journey is 100% nature adherent and chemical free. And when it comes to making baby garments, extra care, and attention is given to making clothes where usage of pesticides and synthetic substances (negligible use) are almost next to nil.

Organically grown cotton, wool, linen, and flannel are the finest choice of raw materials for making baby garments which have the obvious, superior appeal over their synthetic counterparts. Be it breathable and soft cotton jumpsuit or newborn organic cotton romper, the smoothness and finishing of such baby clothing always allures the ones who live and breathe organically.

Why go organic?

With excessive pollution, global warming and growing dependency on synthetic products, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are living on a thin age. So, before the tarnished and overburdened mother earth takes a reverse toll on us, choosing a green path is our duty.

Now understanding this green clothing wheel is quite simple.

  • As organic baby clothes are made using natural materials, they don’t contribute to blackening the earth. So organic kids clothes are good for not you’re your child but the earth too.
  • Organic baby clothing are much softer and breathable when used on baby’s delicate skin. They don’t feel itchy and irritable even when worn for long hours, thus leaving babies happier and less cranky. Common baby skin problems like red rashes, eczema, and other skin allergies are much lesser where babies are clad in a cute print organic onesie or hand embroidered baby mittens.
  • Attractive and super infectious, modern organic baby clothes are all humbly dyed and colored. Be it a poppy pink cotton jacket or plain grey night jammies, all the colors are extracted from plants, fruits and even from exotic greens like bamboo, betel nut juice. It’s no wonder when those eye-soothing naturally dyed baby one-piece, organic fun print cotton scarves look super mysterious and attractive on those neatly piled clothing shelves or when hanged on organic wooden kiddie hanger! What’s not to love about organic cotton kids clothes!
  • Wondering, what happens to those unsold or overused organic baby garments? Here’s the happy ending to this green clothing journey. Unlike the synthetic and poly-made mass clothes which are not decomposing friendly and end up in landfills, kids organic clothing meet the earth without abusing it.

The switch stories

Now some smart mammas have made conscious decisions to clothe their babies organically. Check out wellness mama Katie Wells blog. From hand-me-down baby clothes to revamping old wool blankets for round two uses, switching to organic baby clothing has indeed deep rooted meaning.

Parents with creative bend have always favored the organic baby clothes as the mostly plain tees and organic tops can be further beatified with a cute patchwork and embroidery work, especially in young kids clothing. Mommies with sewing expertise love to make strappy one-piece, jersey tee for little ones with fabrics bought from organic cloth retreat and joints. So yes, organic clothes boost creativity too!

Organic closet

Now, painting the baby closet green does not necessarily mean you raid an organic baby store and empty those clothing racks. Start small and stick to the essentials like a pair or two of organic rompers, baby footsie pajamas, supple muslin bibs, etc. Choose the ones which have a need for daily wear and practical usage. 

Organic cotton diapers top the list in organic baby essentials clothing lot. Organic cotton onesie and soft cradle blanket is a smart option to buy especially for newborns as they sleep in a cradle for longer hours. And for toddlers you can give a go for home wear jammies, tees and even special occasion wears. You can find cheap organic baby clothes at an organic baby clothes sale or an organic baby clothes clearance in case you are worried about budget.

A quick checklist before buying organic baby clothing:

  • Cloth Quality

Before zeroing on that cotton, muslin tee or one-piece; check on the cloth quality. As most cotton clothes are hand loomed, they sometimes do leave tiny strands and visible pilling on the cloth surface. Now, this dust if inhaled by babies can cause them respiratory or early asthma issues. Always select clothes which have a softer appeal and guaranteed no pilling after frequent wash and wear.

  •  Overall Feel

Even though organic clothes are known for their coarse, earthy appeal, organic baby clothes should be softer to touch and feel. Clothes with even slight roughness should be avoided as they can bruise the baby’s skin.

  • Cloth Content or Fiber

Stick to organic cotton for newborns and toddlers clothing as it is breathable and skin friendly fiber. You can experiment with organic woolen, linen jackets and outerwear options for younger kids and alike.

  • Color

All organic clothes are dyed and beautified with earthy colors derived from natural resources. Indigo, rust, ochre, and shades of white are commonly celebrated colors in peace clothing as the natural fiber of the cloth takes these colors well. If you expect poppy colors like those on synthetically made ones, then organic baby clothes leave you with limited options. So, for those who want to dress up babies in chic whites, beige and other muted tones then there is nothing like organic clothing!

  • Price

All organic clothes are a result of human patience and intricate labour work; needless to say they mostly hold a fat price tag. Now you don’t need to spend your entire monthly salary over buying organic baby clothes. If prices of big, branded organic cloth giant scare you, choose upcoming brands which offer a good deal over kids clothes. Spend on essentials and look for the stores with a reasonable price range or the ones within your budget.

  • Authenticity tag
Always check on the authenticity tag which mostly has the cotton flower illustration, fiber content percentage, and other authenticity essentials. As a buyer, it is impossible to trace the 100% authenticity by just looking at a cloth tag and assurance from the shop assistant. It is advisable to stick to the brand's products certified by agencies like GOTSIFOAM, etc.
  • The future of green closet

Most young parents are taking a conscious decision to live organic and doing their bit of preserving nature to secure kids health, future and mother earth’s existence. Eating, living and wearing organic is a win-win deal for everyone and the harms of the same is nil.

Our Verdict

Organic baby clothes are pro-baby and help conserve the planet. Choosing sustainable baby clothes is a wiser option as they are sourced, produced ethically and can be revamped or refurbished for other uses. We say, give a try to essentials like organic baby diapers, bibs and rompers and then commit to snuggly outerwear baby suits and special occasion dresses and fancy wears.



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Morgan Mendoza
Morgan Mendoza

July 04, 2021

I simply love this title. And your blog very much emphasizes the importance of using organic baby clothes. A must read for all the mothers.

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