May 01, 2021 3 min read

Summertime Madness...

Summer brings with it the promise of sunshine, quality time spent with our families, and of course, a whole new wardrobe for our little ones – pretty girls summer dresses and classic boys toddler summer clothes! Despite wanting to buy an entire stores worth of toddler summer clothes, you'll probably find that you end up dressing your baby in the same five outfits every week – and let's be honest, they'll probably spend most of their time rolling around in a diaper to combat the heat anyway! So don't go crazy and break the bank; instead, focus on the essentials that will come in useful throughout summer and won't be left in the bottom of the wardrobe to become outgrown and unworn.

When looking for the trendy toddler girl clothes or the fun toddler boy clothes,  all in one's are the perfect purchase for summer. They're brilliant for keeping your baby cool and minimizing the hassle of getting them dressed for the day. Consider buying a couple of basic baby rompers with no legs and short sleeves for particularly hot weather, or a romper with a dungaree style - and cute animal prints! when you're looking to keep your little one slightly more covered up.

Layers are vital for cooler summer evenings or when you've got the AC turned on in the car, and are a summer toddler clothes essential. Having a couple of cute cardigans on hand to quickly dress your baby in an extra layer without having to change an entire outfit will make life easy and keep them feeling comfortable. Have a look at this airplane print casual cardigan that will come in useful in the cooler months too.

Sometimes it's not quite hot enough to just pop a pair of shorts on, but we still want something breathable. Enter, harem pants! Harem pants are perfect for those slightly cloudy or windy summer days, whilst keeping baby cool, protected from the sun and looking stylish.

Summer toddler clothes are sometimes best purchased as a set, that way you'll spend less time shopping and will always have a top to match the shorts. Have a look at this summer outfit set for baby girls if you're looking for something adorable to dress your little one in this summer.

And since we are taking about summer fun and cute toddler summer clothes, why leave the responsible clothing behind? Yes, I am talking about organic clothes. Comfy, airy and bio-degradable, organic clothes beats the heat like nothing else. Let your kiddos backyard tea-party or summer gardening be a fuzz-free affair with organic cotton tees and pants pair.

And for the crib kiddos, super soft organic cotton jumpsuit is a clever option to jump, play all along entire day. Organic cotton clothes soaks up the sweat quickly and are washing machine friendly.

 A good pair of linen shorts will always come in handy in the heat, and can be a great way to simply cover up a diaper whilst dressing in minimal clothing!

 A set of bodysuits are a wardrobe essential through the summer months. Perfect as pajamas, an extra outfit to keep in the diaper bag or as every day wear, you'll definitely want to consider investing in some of these for hot weather!

Remember to buy both basic and beautiful summer clothes for your baby, this way you'll be sure to use everything and have an outfit for every kind of occasion – whether that's a wedding or a messy dinner time!

I can’t stop humming this sunny tune…

I can hear the voice of summer

Singing a song of flowers,

Singing a song of meadows,

Where buttercups spring in showers…

Know the full poem? Please post in the comments below.



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