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Let your little sunshine be spring ready!!

 The hope of new leaves, long hours brightness and sudden rise in the temperature, well that’s spring season for you. As the mother earth takes tilt towards the sun the weather plays a peek-a-boo game where it gets sunny and cloudy all in a day’s time.

And when it comes to babies, getting them spring ready needs extra care and attention for sure. Why, because the weather is unpredictable and funny. Temperature rise and fall at the same time. A happy, chirpy sunlit sky suddenly goes cloudy and before you know it pitter patter raindrops grace your lawn.

It’s a beautiful day mama..

An airy cotton dress with cute flower print or long sleeves fleece jacket perfect for your toddler girl spring dresses line-up? A pair of knitted booties or all cotton socks? And, what about baby’s skincare regimen? Yes, we know as a new parent you have these springsy dilemmas with so many toddler spring dresses and styles to choose from, especially when caring for your little bundle of joy.

We say enjoy the lakeside picnic with a wicker basket filled with baby essentials or take a morning walk with your little one all snuggled up in a mommy wrap. Let us help you how your baby can enjoy the spring with happy ga ga and goo- goo.

Read on to find out key spring tips which are baby... we mean spring proof.

Layer it up

Love taking outdoor walks with your munchkin? We say when in doubt add layers to it. Why not clad your baby in a organic cotton onesie , layer on pajamas or pants and top with a fleece hoodie or faux fur jacket. You can always mix and match with cute print tees and solid color pants or even go head to toe printsy.

If you feel the baby is getting too warm and trying to wiggle itself out of this layered armor, you can always let the hoodie come off as and when required. Be smart about your baby spring clothes to keep you and the baby happy!


Go Colors

A happy yellow, red and tangy orange, let these colors take the baby steps in your baby’s spring wardrobe. While those whites and stripy greys are getting folded and set aside, splash happy sunshine all over your baby attire. Bright floral motif onesie, colorful organic cartoon print jumpsuit is a fun way to let your baby looks like happy color graffiti.

While the baby gets a floral makeover in her baby girl spring dresses or toddler boy spring clothes, mommies, spring is the perfect time to let the happy people in the park know that “you too take the spring fashion “seriously”. Go for spring matching outfit for you and the kiddo. Think green, leaves and lime prints! Have fun.

Warm little legs

Well, onesie and footed pajamas are sure a go-to option when you want to keep the baby’s leg warm but they can set monotony in baby’s clothing. We say opt for a no-legs onesie sweater or a cute polka dot print tutu skirt which makes the chubby little legs look so adorable. And yes, do put those comfy and stretchy knee high stockings or thigh-high tights. If it gets too warm, you always have the option of taking them off.

Don a hat

Going out with a baby? Keep the hat on. This oldie but Goldie rule of baby attire is forever embossed on baby dos and don'ts book. And during springtime, it’s better to keep your baby’s head protected with light cotton hats. These are warm enough, but not too warm that can make the baby’s head sweaty and uncomfortable. You can even go for a crochet faux fur beanie or baby tam hats for your little fashionista.


A Hoodie makes everything warmer and better. A Hoodie-clad baby looks beyond adorable and is often a subject of frame perfect memory. Light cotton sweatshirt, soft fleece hoodie are some of the best choices for the spring season. Reversible hoodies are another new entrant on the baby clothing block where one side fun print and the other subtle and cutesy. Do get this one before the spring sets in.

 Cutie Booties

Keep the little toes warm with genuine leather slip on booties and soft slipper socks. They stay on and keep the baby’s feet active and kicking. Crochet socks with open eyelet pattern is a  good option as they are airy and not too dense.

 A skin happy baby

Let those sunny and windy days not hamper your baby’s outing. No, we are not suggesting exposing your baby’s skin to harsh sun rays and chilly winds. Stick to your basic baby skincare regimen. Baby powder, moisturizers, cotton towels all are allowed. Apply organic sunscreen baby lotion to your baby before stepping outside. Keep them hydrated with breast milk or formula liquid every few minutes so that baby’s tummy remains happy during outings.

Be spring toys ready

Flowers, frolics, and fun. Springs are known to make new beginnings. As color and shapes attract babies like nothing else, add those early educational toys to their playpen. All sewn fruits, veggies and birdie toys grab the little ones attention and increase the curiosity in them. Opt for handmade toys like silicone teether toys as they are harmless and chewy gooey.

Have a spring time with your munchkin and do share your springs stories with us on our Facebook and Instagram page.



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