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Pregnancy myths…They are too hilarious to ignore…

Ohhh...Look at you all pink and glowing. I tell you with a glow like this and tummy as high as yours, there’s definitely a little dude in there! Or, I think you should skip that coffee altogether, as you are expecting a baby now. Coz you don’t want the little one to be born with brown spots all over the body. Better stick to skimmed milk for a fair baby. Sounds familiar right? Yes, these are some of the most anticipated and orated myths from a mythical book titled “Old wives rule-book of pregnancy”, volume... Well never mind.

We know as a mama-to-be you are all questions and queries. And, at times the same is answered and certified by the debunked myths and superstitions which in reality are too hilarious to ignore. You are sure to run into some of these as you look for funny pregnancy facts or interesting facts about pregnancy and childbirth. And sometimes it’s a task to separate pregnancy myths and facts.

From the heartburn connection to the baby’s hair to monkey face babies, we have listed the most popular ones for you to read. Lets get some pregnancy myths debunked and thrown out of the nursery window!

Myth 1 - Go slow on that tummy rub

Okay, we know a growing tummy is a thrilling sensation for all expecting mommies. Call it a new found habit or a gentle assurance of seeking your baby’s presence inside, all pregnant women love to rub their tummies all the time. But according to a Chinese tale, the excessive tummy rub is bad for the baby. What’s worse, it can deform, spoil the baby inside and even cause a miscarriage.

Let’s break this baseless myth. If you look at early pregnancy facts, after 10 weeks of conception, the fetus starts to recognize your touch and gives a response to the same. Touch is, in fact, the first medium or mode through which you can connect with your child. So, it’s safe to say that caressing your belly doesn’t harm your little one but in fact bonds you with him even closer.

Myth 2 - Don’t look at exotic…err..ugly animals

Now this one is real mind boggling and beyond imaginary. But some cultures believe that, during pregnancy, you should not see ugly looking animals or else your baby will look like one.
Baby news flash, no baby is ever ugly, period! And, even if you see some exotic and never seen before animals or creatures your baby will not be a replica of the same. Your baby will be a happy mixture of you and your partner. Assuming some babies as ugly from the womb is not on the list of pregnancy fun facts.

Myth 3 - Better be eclipse proof

If there a solar or lunar eclipse around the corner, many cultures suggests extra protection and shield for the pregnant women because eclipse equals to the bad omen. So, rituals like staying indoors, avoiding the usage of sharp objects such as knives, scissors for the anticipation of a baby being born with cut lips or ears etc are followed and suggested. This is a common pregnancy facts and myths issue often heard. Even talking on the phone is prohibited on such days as the little one will be born with deformed ears simply because saying hello over the phone!

Science obviously rubbish such rumors and myths about the connection of eclipse and pregnancy. Think a little, something which is happening beyond stars and skies is hardly going to affect you sitting on a sofa. We say, if an eclipse is coming, its better you rest those swollen feet up the table and enjoy a good movie instead.

Myth 4 - The tummy forecast

While some self-proclaimed belly experts are known to give the tummy forecast based on what is called “prediction through eyeballing the tummy size”. If you are developing a higher tummy that means you are carrying a boy and a girl is on the way if your belly is going low and wide. Ok, we agree it would be much simpler to decorate the blue or pink nursery beforehand based on this expert forecast, but in reality, it holds no such fact and is one of the many misconceptions about pregnancy.

The truth is, as your pregnancy progresses the belly muscles stretches and gives a higher or lower appearance based on your height and frame. So if you are a tall, athletic woman, your tummy will appear higher and less protruding. And for the petite, small frame would- be-mamas a wider, lower belly will be shaped. So, No, the shape of your baby bump doesn’t tell you if it’s a boy or girl but definitely tells a lot about would be mommy’s health and frame.

Myth 5 - Spicy no more

Now this food myth is unlike any other you have read in any pregnancy cookbook. Eating spicy can hurt the baby’s eyes and can even blind him. Too much spicy means inviting an unfortunate miscarriage or induction of untimely labor.

Although healthy and wholesome food habits are essential to follow during pregnancy but eating spicy doesn’t bring you or baby any harm. It’s just the way of the individual palate and food preference. So, If you like spicy, then Go Mexicana but make sure to balance it out with a sweet banana-kale smoothie.

Myth 6 - Watch your step...there’s rope out there

Some cultures cautions and advice pregnant women to avoid stepping over ropes as it causes a nuchal cord (meaning the umbilical cord can get tangled around the baby’s neck). Even stepping over a basic electric wire can bring in a similar effect or so, suggest some modern myth creators.

Needless to say, there is no medical theory that supports this rope and wire play. But you definitely need to watch your step from toppling over the same.

Myth 7 - You are glowing…It’s definitely a boy

Some say the secret of your pregnancy glow is all because of the little guy in your tummy. And if you are exhausted all day long and look haggard, a baby girl inside the belly is the reason for your dark circle look.

The fact is that every pregnancy is different and reflects in a special way. Amidst the first trimester hormonal changes, heartburn and acne are common indications of changes in your body. The key is to take care of your food and prenatal fitness as the same will reflect in a happy and healthy glow.

Myth 8 - Gifts? They can wait

Many believe that, buying or receiving baby gifts before the tiny tot arrives in this world can cause misfortune to the baby. This superstition underlines the belief of gifts before the baby’s arrival mean inviting evil into life which can lead to miscarriage or bad luck to the baby.

Now, a harmless little toy received or baby stroller bought before your bundle of joy arrives is not going to harm it in any way. Gifts are a cute way of suggesting that we are excited about your baby. So if a teddy arrives all wrapped and bows through the post, keep it and cuddle it!

Now that we’ve gone through some pregnancy myths and truths, if you happen to hear the above mentioned ones, laugh over it with a cuppa of warm milk!!




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