September 20, 2022 2 min read

As an expecting mother, you will want to make these moments as memorable as possible. Unsure about getting a set of maternity portraits at a professional studio? Then do it in the comfort of your home

In today's article, we'll discuss how to take maternity photos at home. Here's a little DIY project for you. 



Look around to see where and when the best light is available in the areas of your home that you have chosen. The best spot is typically by the window; here are some suggestions:

Sitting on a couch, a little chair, or just staring outside, let the light illuminate you.

If you want to do this with a camera, attempt to position it so that it can capture the light coming in through the window, adequately expose your face, body, and bump, and capture more of the scene beyond the window.

Of course, some areas of the body will be a little darker. Don't worry; the goal is to look at your baby who is developing quickly while enjoying good lighting on your bump and face.



The quick suggestion is to always position your camera at or just at eye level with your subject. You can always aim higher than her eye level to try out new things, but be careful to keep the features of her face in your frame.

It would be lovely to get much closer to your subject and take a shot of her from above the ear, while she is looking down at her bump, and with her profile in the shot.



It is always better to choose a background that is less distracting in order to draw attention to the subject, expressions, and relationships. Examples of such backgrounds include an empty, brilliant wall with great lighting or a stunning, sparsely-populated countryside. It would be good to filter the light and create a dreamlike background with a light-colored drape.

Not to mention your partner or older children caressing and kissing your bump, don't forget about the little details! Simple evidence of the big kids' love for their tiny brother or sister can be found on your growing belly.

Having to shoot pregnancy photos at home in this scenario has the benefit of allowing you to try every concept separately.


Hope these simple suggestions have given you some fresh ideas for taking pregnancy photos at home and capturing this special period in your life artfully.



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