December 30, 2022 3 min read

You must be incredibly excited as you start this unique stage of your life. Being pregnant comes with a lot of responsibilities. But first things first: Yes, it's your wardrobe. During these nine months of pregnancy, your body will go through a lot of changes, and you already know that as time goes on, you can no longer fit into your old clothes and undergarments. Therefore, dressing comfortably when pregnant will make your days more enjoyable. So it's time to list down the necessary fits, you should purchase for a comfortable yet stylish pregnancy.

Stretchable maternity clothes

Comfort is key. For a comfortable pregnancy, stretchable clothes are always a great option. Regardless of the season, always choose a light and breathable fabric. The most popular materials for maternity clothing include Cotton Lycra, Denim, Rayon, Georgette, and Linen. Organic cotton and other hypoallergenic materials are advised for people with sensitive skin. A synthetic fabric should be avoided because it can make you start sweating more and irritate or itch your skin. As a result, stretchy clothing is essential for any wardrobe. Additionally, stretchy clothing promotes free movement and good health. The ones that are well-blended with spandex or cotton can be the ideal choice.

Maternity Pants/Jeans

Maternity pants are must have for every pregnant woman. As pregnancy come with a lot of challenges, comfort is what we seek during this phase. Throughout your pregnancy, a nice pair of maternity pants/jeans will serve you well. While comfort is essential, style should never be sacrificed. Best maternity bottoms consist of technical features like leg compression, elastic fabrics, and a patented belly-fit provide comfort and support as your bump grows in. Choose jeans with elastic waistbands over those with zippers or buttons. Stylish moms to be will appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into this fashionable maternity wear, Vintage Washed Denim Maternity Jeans Pants with Elastic Waist Belly. Check out our maternity jeans collection for more.

Maternity/Nursing Bras

In the course of your pregnancy, your breasts will expand, and soon you'll have trouble fitting your old bras. Make sure you invest in maternity bras that are soft and supportive before they start to cause you discomfort. Bra extenders add length to your existing bras. It provides good coverage, keeps you comfortable all day and night and supports your enlarged breasts during pregnancy. A maternity bra can also prevent back pain and reduce stretch marks. Nursing bras are also a great choice, While maternity bras provide additional support with broad straps and soft lining and are comfortable throughout pregnancy, nursing bras are essential once your baby is born. If you purchase a nursing bra while you are expecting buy one cup or two larger than you normally do.

We offer Big size Wirefree Cotton Nursing & Maternity Bra and Maternity Brassiere with Slim Elastic for Breastfeeding. While pregnant, these nursing bras provide the ideal balance of support & comfort, and breastfeeding is simple when you're using our large maternity bras.

Pregnancy Panties

During pregnancy your hips will begin to widen with your growing belly. Pregnancy panties are made specifically to fit your expanding belly and butt area, and they will remain in place more effectively than traditional pants. You can pick between beneath the bump or over the bump depending on your needs and desired level of comfort. Make sure your new underwear is just as soft, cozy, extremely flexible, and comfy against your skin.


Now that we have listed down the essential fits you needed for your 10 month journey, it's time to go out and purchase them. Check out our store for many options of maternity wear.

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