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A teething baby is so much fun…said no one never.

Teething is a difficult time for both baby and parents. But there are a few things that you can prepare yourself with to make sure that you're ready to alleviate some of the pain when the time comes! Being aware of baby teething symptoms, teething stages, baby teething relief measures, tips on what to do when baby is teething and won’t stop crying, or keep track on a teething chart for babies will help. Please keep in mind that baby teething age and timeline varies from baby to baby so while some may start teething at 4 months, others might take longer. Baby teething fever or teething symptoms will also not be uniform. Don’t panic if your baby’s teething habits don’t look exactly like another’s.


If your baby uses a dummy, a great trick is to cut a small hole, fill the dummy with breast-milk (using a syringe) and pop into the freezer. This way your baby will have something familiar to chew on whilst getting an extra hit of mom's milk!

Teething toys

There are so many baby teething toys that it's hard to know where to start; buy a selection of alternative toys to figure out what your baby likes best before stocking the cupboard full of teething rings, only to find that your baby has got absolutely no interest in them. Some options include:

  • Teething rings 

These come in both silicone, gel and liquid filled options (which can be put into the fridge), and are the perfect size for baby to hold onto whilst chewing to sooth their gums. Opt for a cut and colorful silicone teether toy which has a silicon made cartoon face (resembles a toy), which your baby can explore and hold while soothing his/her gums. It

  • Teething necklaces

Baby teething necklaces are for moms to wear, and can give your baby teething relief during cuddles. Mommies, you can wear the silicon chew rings around the neck (with an Inbuilt insert hole for attaching a cord or necklace chain). It is the easiest way to sooth the cranky, teething baby and you get a funky, cartoon accessory to wear. I know, anything for the baby. Cartoon teething accessory, why not?

  • Amber jewelry

Not so much a toy, but a bracelet, anklet, or necklace for baby to wear. Some parents swear by amber jewelry for preventing teething pain, but we can't know for sure whether or not they are actually effective. The amber is said to release a natural painkiller when in contact with and heated up by the skin...give it a go and see if it works for your baby!


There are baby toys which have plastic or silicone parts perfectly shaped for baby to chew on. Get teething toys in attractive shapes and figures like a crown shape silicone teether clips that appears just like mini princess crown, something to hold onto and chew when your baby girl is coping up with the teething pain. Be it an angry bird silicon teething toy or sweet candy teether toy, the options are adorable and fun.

Baby toothbrushes 

These can be very effective for teething babies, and are a great way to introduce your little one to the idea of brushing their teeth


You can buy teething gloves that fit perfectly over baby's hand and have a hard, bobbly section at the fingers for chewing on

Hard foods

Try cutting vegetables into finger shaped pieces for your baby to chew on whilst being introduced to the world of foods and new flavors. Carrots, celery and cucumber are all great options, and can be frozen before giving to your baby for a bit of extra relief – you may want to wrap one end in a washcloth or muslin to stop your baby's hand from getting too cold! There are teething baby remedies you can try at home even for severe teething symptoms.

Dry the drool

A teething baby will drool like nothing you could ever imagine. Keeping their chin dry to prevent skin irritation is vital to make sure that you don't add another element to their pain! Invest in a selection of small cloth bibs for your baby to wear at all times – these will soak up the drool and give you something to quickly mop a wet chin. Keep the cotton towels set handy in the baby drawer to wipe the face clean. Consider keeping the same in your baby bag when heading out.

Washcloths and muslins

Washcloths and muslins are the perfect teething purchase – wet under the tap and put into the freezer before use for extra-soothing gum relief.

Rub baby's gums

You could simply rub your baby's gums with your finger to relieve some of the pressure of those baby teething gums– but be warned that they may not let you anywhere near their mouths any time soon. Don't push this method if your baby finds it too distressing.

Over the counter medication

If natural methods just aren't working, or you're looking for a sure fire way to help your baby get through the pain of teething, there are over the counter medication options for babies. But be sure to speak with a healthcare professional before administering medications to your baby.

Most of all, hang in there, and give your baby all of the cuddles that they need to help them with baby teething pain! Each new tooth brings with it a little less pain – until the dreaded canines arrive – and the teething period will be over before you know it.



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