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A birth plan is a written document that enables a pregnant woman to describe her desired delivery event. Your healthcare provider will add a copy of your birth plan to your medical record when you give it to them. A legal document, that is.

However, a birth plan does not guarantee that your wishes will be followed at the time of the baby's birth. Health professionals are primarily concerned with the welfare of both you and your unborn child. It is important to remember that every birth circumstance is different, and your healthcare professional will make every effort to follow your preferences while protecting both you and your baby's health.

You are given a "voice" in regards to your labour and delivery when you have a birth plan. It enables you to express your birth preferences before the procedure is initiated. Your birth plan will ensure that your wishes are followed as nearly as possible even if things do not go according to plan.

There are still a lot of delivery situations that could happen even if you plan to give birth in a hospital. It is a good idea to consider your preferences in various scenarios while keeping in mind that the hospital will have guidelines that must be followed. Additionally, it's crucial to keep in mind that your healthcare practitioner will act with both the safety of you and your kid in mind.


How to create a personal birth plan?

It's okay if you find the whole process frightening and have no idea where to begin. There is a lot to consider, and it's possible that not all of these problems have simple solutions. Let's go in stages:


1. Start taking notes.

Start writing some rough notes about how you envision your labour and delivery when you're feeling calm and in control.

It's okay to imagine the very best case scenario at this point. This is the time to indulge all those soft-focus, dreamy ideas of the happiest, most serene labour ever! It's actually a great place to begin. Imagine the birth you would have preferred, then put it away.

2. Speaking with your birth partner

Discuss with your companion (or whoever will be joining you in the delivery room). Ask them how they picture your labour and delivery before you share your own thoughts. What assumptions do they make about birth? Are there many things about which they are unsure or concerned? What part do they envision themselves having in the delivery—how hands-on are they comfortable being, or what duties would they wish to take on?

 3. Commence making a plan.

Together with your partner, start coming up with a detailed, workable plan. You should feel at ease with all of the choices because, in the end, it's your body that will go through labour and delivery. However, you'll feel more organically supported the more you can incorporate your partner's ideas and comments. It's acceptable if you still have unresolved issues or questions at this time, so just develop a basic plan that you and your partner are comfortable with.

 4. Present your strategy to your healthcare professional

Bring your rough plan to your obstetrician or midwife. Ask your doctor's opinion as you go through it entirely. Any unanswered queries or worries should be clarified, along with alternate methods of dealing with discomfort or difficulties throughout labour and delivery. They should also point out any places where you will need to be ready to make last-minute adjustments.

As they are familiar with your medical and pregnancy histories, your doctor should be able to advise you on the best course of action for a safe and successful delivery. They can also let you know if your birth plan is feasible.

 5. Complete the strategy while keeping flexibility in mind.

Complete everything. The time has come to implement the changes that your doctor recommended. If you were still weighing your options, try your best to reach a decision. You can also add any remaining questions you may have or your willingness to adapt your plans while you're in labour. (Remember that here, adaptability is advantageous.)


Is birth plan necessary?

Nope. It's a good idea to make one, and some doctors strongly recommend it. But if you don't, the hospital isn't going to deny your stay.

It is up to you how to proceed with the birth if you go into labour before you've created or finalised a plan. You can jot one down on the spot (in between contractions! ), if you're feeling up to it. It can be as straightforward as stating, "I would prefer a drug-free delivery with my husband present, no unneeded procedures, and as much skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible after birth."


Although it's not required, having a birth plan can be beneficial. Just keep it fluid and adaptable, not strict and stiff.

You should develop a birth plan if doing so eases your anxiety about giving birth or provides you peace of mind. You might be able to prevent unneeded interventions and treatments with the use of a written strategy.

You can forego formulating a plan or keep things informal if doing so stresses you out. At the end of the day, newborns decide their own birth plans... Let us know when the big day arrives! 

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