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A smart checklist for parents before removing the price tag of those baby apparels

Ask any new parents or soon to be expecting ones about how they feel about baby clothes shopping. The most celebrated answer is, strolling through the baby clothing section is like being a kid in a candy store. Baby clothes clearance outlets, toddler clothing stores, and finding the best kids clothing stores online make you sing. Cute gingham romper, stripes jammies, lush pink buttoned cardigans and all things cutesy, hands down, you want to buy it all. And before you know it your card is swiped and you come out of the store carrying a glossy bag with a happy bow on it.

And the reason for this a stroll turned into shopping spree being:

  1. That bunny ear onesiewas beyond adorable.
  2. You saw the exact same style on the latest baby magazine cover.
  3. Better to grab it before it goes out of stock.
  4. You can’t have enough of the baby clothes.
  5. All of the above.

With new prints and cute patterns hinting at you with a tag of “I am cute, buy me”, parents often end up buying clothes without even seeing the size and care instructions. Most of the time it ends up in a tussle of baby’s hand getting stuck while wearing the one size small t-shirt or rainbow print jumpsuit leaving all the seven colors on the plain ones after the first wash.

Before rushing in buying everything under the sky for your baby, there are essential factors you should consider before un-tagging the label of those cute toddler clothes.

Put on your smart mommy glasses and consider this smart guide while choosing the perfect baby clothing:

Don’t ignore the size label

Next time you buy that fairy dress for your little girl; do check the little label on the back of clothing. Those cut and sewn into cloth tags are there for some reason. 0-3 months, 12+months or the size you are looking for, do check the label size before you make the final selection. Make sure that you look through the specifics when looking at toddler clothing stores online so that you don’t get wrong sizes.

Sometimes it is best to consider the weight factor as well. Meanings, some babies need a size or two above the indicated label size and some needs to go for one size smaller. So it’s better to eyeball the frame of your baby before putting the clothes in cart.

Choose ease over style

Ease always comes first over frills, pearl buttons, and strings.

Choose clothes that are easy to take off and put on. For newborns, it is better to choose stretchy or boat neck tops and tees which can easily slide over their head. Let the buttons take a back seat as they can come off or go loose after multiple wears or even become a choking hazard for the baby. Look out for clothes with snaps, soft belt closing options as they are fuzz free fasteners.

Be safe than sorry


When buying baby clothes, safety always comes first. Avoid over-embellished, sequined and tasseled clothes for baby as the frills and appliques may be pulled and chewed by the little one. Hold on to your bow and knotty clothing dreams, till the baby is old enough to understand the clothing intricate. Say no to drawstring tops and pants as they are risky and strangled prone. And if you crave for adorned apparels, choose the ones which are sewn correctly.

Comfy is cute

Fabric plays a crucial role when selecting the perfect baby wear. Stick to pure cotton, a light polyester fabric made clothes as they are breathy and gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. Avoid fancy fabrics like wool, silk as they can be rough or itchy. Organic baby clothes are bit costly but are sustainable and baby friendly. Ensure zippers, elastics of pants; jackets, etc are layered with fabric to avoid the marks and bruises on the baby skin.

The care factor

Always check the care instructions on the label before making the final purchase. Choose clothes that can be easily washed in washing machines and leaves no color shedding. Avoid dry clean or hand wash only clothes as it can eat most of your time and money. Remember babies are messy creatures and they love to sport messy stains on the clothes. So it’s better to select fabrics which are easy to wash and maintain.

Go easy on a shopping spree

As rightly said, babies grow overnight. Ideally, you don’t need a lot of newborn clothes as before you blink a tee will go tight or jammies will become shorter. Avoid excessive shopping and stick to one or two purchases at a time.

Don’t make it a costly affair

Remove the cliched rule of “everything which is costly is fancy” from your baby shopping mantras. Buying apparels for baby should be a fun time and needn’t be pocket pinching. Indulge in smart shopping and buy when there are discounts, or sales making rounds. Or think online for best baby clothing options as they have discounts year around, fun vouchers and giveaway clothes to give and much more. Look for cheap baby clothes online, discount toddler clothes, or clearance clothes. Cheap unisex baby clothes, reasonably priced toddler girls clothes, and discount baby boy clothes will always be available.

And if buying for special occasions like birthdays, stick to one or two outfits as the same costume outfit will soon become a forgotten dress hung in the corner of a closet.

Happy baby shopping,



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