October 19, 2020 6 min read

Mommies, admit it, you just need an occasion to dress up your little ones, right?

The calendar shows precisely 18 more days to go for a “Thanksgiving day”. That Bundt cake mould needs to come out from the upper shelf. On the home decor front, you have zeroed on the “less is more” theme. Maybe few pumpkins here and there and subtle patio lighting... Everything is going to be cheery and impressive.

But what about your little boy, who is taking an afternoon nap after a third round of “Peppa goes swimming” story finally convinced and put him to sleep? He is turning into a cute, naughty boy and seems to be developing a mind of his own. Hmm...Fuzzy, cranky but mostly adorable. Last year he looked super adorable in that neon yellow sponge bob tee. So this year a flannel shirt, pants and suspenders, Yes... My very own “country boy”.

Cliched but true, a special occasion calls for giving extra effort in everything, especially in the attire department. Be it toddler dress shirts and bow ties or little girls business suits, baby boy special occasion rompers or fancy girl dressings for weddings, kids formal wear are a joy to behold. And when you have babies and kids to be occasion ready, you want the cuteness quotient high. The dress patterns in the kiddie shops and the toddler fancy dresses are always alluring, silk rosette bow headbands look charming and the price tags... of course mind-boggling.

Special occasion dresses are a must. Be it baby’s christening, fifth birthday celebration, choir recital, or even celebrating baby’s first tooth (yes, it’s an Armenian tradition), kids and celebration is always one big party. And to make such special occasions “Awww fully snaps captive”, the little one need to be comfy and cutesy clad.

Here are some special days and ways you can make your kiddos look “oh so day ready”:

Baby’s getting baptized

The holy, celestial and very very special occasion... Baby’s christening or baptism ceremony is always a special moment for the entire family and loved ones. Now a white christening gown accessorized with a snuggly bonnet is an eternal combo for this “blissful day”. Why not up the game with some organic, muslin cotton and a hint of silk on cute little accessories front?

Normally baptism ceremony is performed after the little one is around 8-10 weeks old, so you need to be extra special about the choice of fabric of the clothing. You want the tiny tot to be comfy and non- fuzzy till the final sermons are recited and baby is greeted by everyone around.

It’s OK to ditch the traditional white. Let the other muted tones set in the baby dressing picture. Give a try to subtle pastels like pearl, mauve and teal blue. You know, “the never tried before” colors often leads to “you are one smart, fashion-savvy mommy compliments”.

For a baby boy, think organic cotton jumpsuit or vintage boutique style striped cotton suit with a bow. Choose a classy bonnet or sailor-style gathered frill hat. Make sure the elasticized gathers are soft on the baby’s head.

And for the little angel, it gets even more exciting and patterns galore. A pastel colored netted dress or hand-embroidered gown with a matching frilled, sheer net hat. You get the adorable picture, right? And oh, if you think a super soft, silky headband over a usual bonnet, the little angel will look angelic and cutesy.

Naughty little guest at weddings

Have an upcoming wedding in the family where your kid is going to be the ring bearer or pretty flower girl for the ceremony? Before the bride walks down the aisle, it’s the army of little helpers that makes the head turn and say, oh. Look at them. So adorable. And you need the perfect children’s formal wear for weddings line-up planned out.

If you are looking for a toddler boy dress clothes for weddings, know that a smart little man in black tux is “class personified”. For little guys, you can never go wrong with a cute tux and bow-tie combo. Baby boy wedding suits for 12-18 months old are always a wonderful choice. If black pantsuit feels common and usual, dress your little dude in pinstripe or checkered style buttoned suit.

And if you feel it’s becoming a “too much-layered affair”, lose the jacket or waistcoat. He will look just as handsome little dude with a shirt and bow-tie look. For a vintage look, go for a formal style sleeveless tee and shorts. Top it off with a fedora or beret hat. This one is timeless…

For your darling girl, you can stick to the satin bow flared princess gown with a matching headband or tiara. An over-sized bow princess dress is one cutesy option if she is twinning with a bride or bridesmaids. To go for an understated and classic style, think replicating Kate Middleton’s long sleeves lace applique wedding dress for your little gal. Vintage and very very 40’s.

Christmas, Halloween, and everything exciting

From finding that Easter egg to playing a Yoda in elongated ears Star Wars costume, kids holiday outfit hold a key for happiness and fun. Unlike a formal dinner or annual day celebration where even the kid’s outfit gets “dress-coded” holiday dressing is vibrant and fun. It comes with a “dress as you please” tag.

Dress your kids in colorful clothes. No, not the clownish way, but in happy yellow, tangerine shades. Plenty of options are available for fun baby boy party wear dresses or girls special occasion dresses for such events. Let your kid have a “mud time” with his little friends in a classic red tee and denims. Dungarees, rompers or cotton pants with a holiday applique like Christmas tree or Grinch is a winning choice.

Lolita style dress with a peter-pan collar or classic country plaid pattern skirt, your little girl will be the talk of the table while you slice that turkey.

Check out busy mama Chloe’s blog on the finest choice for dressing up her daughter in a tulle party dress for a wedding, the dress is dreamy and enriched with flower details...

Attention please, semi-casuals only

Now you might be super-excited for your kid’s first piano performance or a choir recital, but the dress code here is mostly conventional and decorum coded. Stick to the basic, comfy tee and full-length pants option. Don’t go all too formal in your dresses. Avoid extra sequins, frills and everything slippery where half the time he or she will be adjusting the loose straps and bows. The outfit should be in sync with the activities and occasion.

You can allow subtle prints like flowers, stripes in tops and tees. Avoid neon, over the top cartoon print dresses. You don’t want the little one to swim in the “print attack”.

Consider these handy tips when getting kids occasion ready:

Hula or somersaults, comfort comes first

When dressing up kids, Comfort comes first. Be it Christmas or wedding, you know kids are like a hurricane, one minute they will be exploring the patio grass and before you know it, he or she is feeding the outfit a fair share of the cake. So, when you decide on kids formal dresses for special occasions, it’s A-Ok to give in. Just make sure the outfit is not tight, extra knotty or frilly.

Keep the spares handy

This one is a special tip for the new mommy and daddy’s when bringing a newborn along for occasions like Easter lunch or birthday celebration. A bubble drool, pre-expected extra milk flow after a burp and pumpkin mash stain, are unavoidable. Always keep a spare, easy to put on an outfit with essential extras like (hand towels, extra burpee cloth, in case the banana mash decides to make graffiti all over the baby’s formal dresses) in the baby bag.

And for young brats, cotton jammies, one-piece is a fuss-free and quicker option. Let them enjoy the mud, trampoline and berry shake!

Tighten those purse strings

Clothing Alert for all mamas--- This year’s holiday outfit won’t fit the little one next year. Those gingerbread print fleece pants will be an inch or two shorter and tighter too. All of a sudden, that cartoon print ginger man mocks by saying, you know mama, I knew I was cute, printsy but way too costly, but you persisted and bought me anyways.

It’s wise to choose prints, patterns that needn’t be all about sporting occasion theme. Instead, Choose patterns and prints like popular cartoons, flowers and even nautical stripes that can be worn and utilized for the entire year. And hold on to your splurging spree. Buy the kiddo clothes during the haul, mid-year sales. Go online shopping for great giveaways and on the spot discounts.

Let your child decide

If your little girl is insisting on becoming a feisty Moana on Thanksgiving Day (Okay, you were thinking Princess Charlotte this year), let her be. Now babies and toddlers will be adorned the way as per your vision and wish but young kids “love to give the “dressy inputs”. Encourage it. It makes the mommy-daddy-kiddos trio bond stronger.

Little pirate with beads hair lock, satin gloves for Elsa or LBD (who said it’s only for big girls), it’s all about the “impress game”, with loads of fun of course...

Do share your fun laden snaps with us.



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