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Because pictures are not a just print, they are a copy of heartfelt emotions...

So you are thinking of capturing memories of the fresh bundle of innocence you have recently brought home. Or maybe you want to gather memories of your newborn nephew or niece as a gift to their parents. Whichever thought is right for you, you need to enlist the intricacies involved in the photo-shoot of a newborn before committing to providing one. Baby photoshoot ideas at home are not hard to come by. All the newborn photography poses, baby portrait ideas, and DIY newborn photos on the internet might look easy. But you may encounter increased hurdles in setting the right scene or using just the right amount of light and contrast. However, that doesn’t mean a DIY baby photoshoot is impossible. And hey, being a family member also means additional advantages to you which professional photographers are missing.

You have gotten all the time in the world to capture the best moment.

You can decide to be natural without losing attraction in pictures.You can wait it out, especially when the baby is not in her best mood.And then, you know the baby and her environment and culture.You have all the autonomy to be creative while not losing touch of reality.

But the question which is paralyzing you with fear is, “Can I do it with quality and without harm?”The answer to this question depends on how you approach the photo-shoot. You may need help for holding the baby and availability of a quality camera is a definite prerequisite.Plus, beautiful eye-catching surroundings or zooming capability (of the camera and yourself) are also necessities.So, how you can create the best memories of your beloved newborn? Include these tips in your shooting endeavor for newborn pictures at home:

Think about the Baby First…

It’s a cliché, I know. But it deserves all the emphasis. You cannot get a cool photo of your baby if the baby is not in the mood to cooperate. All baby photography tips and newborn baby picture ideas at home requires you to be mindful of the baby. And you may get a good photo of the baby if you use silly baby-unfriendly tactics but the costs of these photos can be enormous for you and your baby.
So, plan around the baby’s needs and mood.


Time the sessions

Who is the guest of honor in your photoshoot? Yes, you got it right. It’s your baby.So, who will gonna have the decisive authority about the time of photoshoot (Clue: the little angel sleeping peacefully in your lap)?Accept your limitation and avoid restlessness of your precious angel by aligning your photo session schedule with theirs ahead of time.The best time for a photoshoot is when the baby is asleep with a full tummy.And don’t forget the magic window for best days for clicking your baby’s first memories. It’s between their 5th and 15th day in your arms. Babies are quite delicate and prone to allergies and infections in the first few months. They need warmth and extra protection. You can dress the baby in soft, pure wool hat and shorts combo that can give that added warmth he/she so deserves. Natural cashmere, alpaca wool made clothes look super adorable on babies, do give this one a try!

Comfort Helps

Your angel is highly adaptable to her environment. But this does not prevent them from getting fussy if continued unease is thrown at them for hours. 

The only thing which can spoil your baby’s mood apart from hunger is discomfort in their surrounding: temperature and safety.

Prepare for the photo session with comfortable props like super soft fur bed, just the right lighting arrangement, and baby-friendly temperature. (Warmer temperature will help the baby in sleep if longer sleep is your goal). Make use of creative newborn photo ideas to ensure the best results and best comforts.

Be Safe

Should I emphasize more, here?

Props make it personal

Unless you want your baby portfolio to consist only of sleepy snaps, you would need little cooperation from your baby when they are alert and playful. Use toys and eye-to-eye contact which are classic newborn baby photography tips to maintain positive vibes. Think of fun, eye catching prop outfits like angel feather wings/tiara set or make the baby look like an adorable poky, shark with crocheted spiky braid hat and matching baby diaper pants. These crochet style costumes are in rage and soft on babies skin which will make the photoshoot complete fun and exciting. Whether it is newborn baby boy photoshoot ideas or newborn baby girl photoshoot ideas, all of these will work flawlessly.

If you think separate props and costumes can make it a over budget issue then get costume outfits that acts as a build-in prop solution. Make the babies head to toe adorable with 3D print rompers in dinosaur, shark and alligator design where you don’t need to add extra hat, headgear for that animal theme shoot.

You can even make the baby look like a cute, studious nerd. A retro style round glasses, beret hat and maybe a checks suspender and your little science professor is photo ready!

You can involve the elder siblings in the photoshoot too. It will help them make a strong bond with their adorable baby brother/sister. And to make the snap session extra adorable, clad them in sibling matching outfits.

Process Second

Safety, again, is the first concern here. But it is not the only concern. Read along to find best camera positions, light arrangements and other settings to help you get best clicks.

Simplicity is timeless

Being amateur shouldn’t make you compromise on the quality of your baby’s preserved memories.

Emphasize the quality by starting with simple postures and positions. Start with back pose and upright camera position to gain confidence.

The floor should be the first prop followed by a comfortable carrier basket or bed before moving towards decorative sofas and bowls.

Use simpler, more natural textures in backgrounds to give emphasis to your angel.

Avoid those poses which need excess molding of the baby to reduce stress, at least initially.

Use sunlight, its free

Sunlight will give more elegance to your infant’s features. It will add detail to her wrinkly wrists.

While planning for the perfect photo session and looking through newborn photography ideas, keep the time of the day as your primary consideration.

Some practical tips to increase light in the room is to position the session, or majority photos, in front of the windows; use bright colored backdrops as reflectors; and turn off artificial lights in the room.

Blur the Blackground

A perfect photo should focus on your baby’s shine. There are various tips you can use to ignore background’s impact. First is to use camera settings like aperture or portrait mode. You get the softer tone of the background with the smallest f-value of aperture.
A quick fashion tip: Since you are blurring the background, why not make her dress details pop up? There’s nothing like a good old lace dress. A silk lace onesie with an oversize bow on the back is what your little angel needs. Trust me on this one, the lace details just pop up like a work of art when you blur that background.
Another is to position the camera near the baby. Using large focal length settings will decrease the angle of view and keep it focused on the apple of your eye. You can achieve larger focal lengths with those cameras which have larger sensor size. So, consider investing in one. All right..let the camera roll.
So you have mastered (ahem: gained an understanding of) the rocket science that is being offered at newly born Angel University (not to be confused with the real Holy Angel University).
You know the best time, safety tips, and engagement techniques. And feel comfortable with the camera and its settings and position. Now, you think you are ready for the adventurous photo shoot. Hold on! You are wrong.
What about little cute outfits and accessories? And the props you will be using?
Ah! And don’t forget planning the theme of the shooting session. Plan ahead. That’s the gist of it.

Capture the feet.

A much celebrated click

So, how are you going to proceed with your entirely unprofessional professional photoshoot?

Using simplicity as your only tool, or spicing up the clicks with a little planning and art? Make the camera work the way you want it to…

Whatever you do, don’t forget to share your masterpieces with us in comments.



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