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Baby’s coming home: Make your munchkin look super adorable with the perfect baby homecoming outfit

Hospital bills checked. Repacking your pregnancy bag checked. Baby car seat double checked. From planning the pregnancy to getting your little munchkin into this world is sure a rewarding journey. But the real gratifying chapter of the baby journey is when you bring your newborn from hospital to home for the first time. Yes, we are talking about baby’s homecoming.



We, at Cutesy Cup, believe that your baby’s homecoming should be memorable and fun. Along with all the baby homecoming ideas, welcome home baby pennants, baby polaroid images, balloons, etc makes the baby homecoming ceremony colorful and joyful but it is the outfit of your baby that grabs most of the attention. So the baby take home outfit is always special.And why not, a comfy and cutesy clad baby is a memory that’s everlasting.

Hand-knitted hat, cute bunny onesie and adorable mittens, these are some of the most sought after and go-to options when it comes to dressing up baby in their baby coming home outfit for going home. Just make sure your baby is wearing weather appropriate clothing as you don’t want the baby to feel uncomfortable and cranky. A baby going home outfit in winter will look very different than a summer one. It’s your baby, after all, we say dress him or her as you please!! And keep him comfy with the right baby boy coming home from hospital outfit that you can find.

Here are our top six picks for your baby’s first outfit in public to keep them homecoming ready:

 Baby Onesie


Those faint coos and onesie-clad baby, need we say more? Onesie is a perfect choice for your newborn as it is cutesy and easy to wear clothing. Opt for soft cotton or fleece ones as they are softer on your baby’s skin and brings in enough warmth to your child even when the temperature outside is going down. 

Plain, stripes, or animal print onesie and bodysuits come in all patterns and adorable prints. You can even make your baby look season ready with a floral and autumn print romper, jumpsuit. And for the extra uniqueness and creativity, custom print onesie looks perfect where you can doodle baby’s name, gender and even hospitals name on it. A personalized baby boy coming home outfit or a custom newborn coming home from hospital girl outfit would be photo-worthy.

Footed Pajamas

Ok, we know pajamas are for nighty nights but when it comes to infants you can bend the clothing rules for sure.  Known as the twin of a good old onesie, footed pajamas make the perfect shield clothing for baby’s homecoming. Why, because it covers your baby head to toe. Go themes with little bear, cow print jammies with cutesy ears and even little elf one’s with a knotty hat if yours is born during holidays.


A snugly hat or a beanie is an essential accessory for your baby take home outfit. It protects the baby’s delicate skull and keeps the tiny ears warm and protected. Get a hat that’s not too tight or loose. A crochet hat with a cute pompom or a turban style beanie looks super cute on the little munchkin.


Remember, those tiny feet and pink toe-nails are not yet weather-ready, so it is always advisable to keep them covered with snugly socks. It’s no secret that babies tend to show their cooing emotions as soon as you try to slip on the socks but they are essential to keep their tiny feet protected from outside dust and air. Anti-slip socks are perfect option to make your baby feel warm and cuddle-ready. And if you have hand-knitted those cute cat theme socks or booties, it’s time to showcase your crafty expertise!


Dressing your newborn in comfy clothes is essential and fun but not enough. It needs more covering and warmth. Whether it’s a new Granny made mini quilt or soft fleece elephant ears blanket make sure your bundle of joy is wrapped in the same during his journey home. It sure makes them look like a cute bundle!!


 It’s your baby’s homecoming after all so a little cherry on top is a must. Cute accessories make the baby adorable in those “say baby” photos. Well, baby’s homecoming is the perfect opportunity for you to let your cute diva dazzle in style glory. Opt for soft cotton infant headband in fun color or the one matching with her outfit. And for a little guy cute crochet hat, cotton beanie makes the perfect head accessory to make his debut cute and comfy. 

And if you have planned professional photography for baby’s homecoming then you better be accessory ready. Choose soft satin ruffles prop headbands, velvet turban style hat and let everyone know that a diva or dude has arrived. Go through all the many options for baby boy take home from hospital outfits, girl baby homecoming dresses, or newborn coming home outfits sets, and choose your favourites. From burpee cloth to embroidered mittens, your baby’s homecoming is once in a lifetime experience. We say enjoy and cherish it. It’s the little cries and drools that make the baby homecoming personal and memorable.

 Share your baby homecoming journey with us and do tag us on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great joy for us to see new journey’s shaping up.

 Happy Baby Homecoming!

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