February 19, 2021 3 min read

Overwhelmed with trying to decide what to buy for a baby shower coming up soon?! Trying to figure out a useful baby shower gift list? Or what the perfect baby shower gift for the mom who has everything is? Read on for gifts that will actually come in useful and be loved by your expecting mom friend!

An outfit

If you'd like to gift clothing for the new baby, remember that baby's can have too many clothes. Stick to something basic like a pack of bodysuits that will always come in useful – even if the expecting momma already has 20! Otherwise, opt for a cute animal themed outfit , they may only wear it once for an all important novelty photo, but so worth it.

And if you want to up the gift game but don’t know how then think organic. Organic baby clothing is a responsible way to gift the would be mama a “gift of thought”. Gifting organic jumpsuit, onesie can definitely raise the bar of baby shower gift ideas. If you are planning to get a baby shower gift for mom, you can even ask them what they would like best.

Diaper Bag

Every mom needs a diaper bag that looks stylish whilst serving a purpose. Opt for a bag with pockets or give a trendy and portable diaper changing clutch to store the hundreds of things that babies require – and make sure that it's machine washable! You could pop a multi-pack of cute baby socks inside for an extra small but useful gift. This will be one of the most practical baby shower gifts you can give.

A pamper gift

This one is for the mom herself, and trust me when I say that she will appreciate this gift more than any other! If your friend is an expectant mom with a need to get out of the house for a couple of hours, you could treat her to a pregnancy massage, facial or pedicure. Just be sure to check beforehand that the treatment is suitable and safe during pregnancy.If she's more the relax-at-home type, you could buy her a luxury skincare set or make your own home pamper kit including a face mask, bath bubbles and a candle.


Don’t forget the big babies

When deciding what to buy for a baby shower, think bigger. Everyone will be buying something appropriate for a small baby, so how about buying a baby shower gift for an older baby or toddler? This way mom will have something useful and ready to use when her tiny baby suddenly gets too old for their newborn swaddles, Moses basket and baby chair. Bath toys are great fun for older babies, and make a colorful and alternative baby shower gift. Books are another great option if you're looking for a gift that's appropriate for a toddler – your expectant friend will need a huge library to choose from when baby reaches the age of requiring at least two bedtime stories per night...
If gifting clothing is on your mind for older sibling to be then, opt for something cute and cool at the same time. Think outerwear and coats in fun theme like shark hoodie jacket or zipper leather jacket. It can guarantee lift the spirits of dear older bros and sis to be!

Something decorative for the nursery

When selected carefully, a decorative piece for the nursery will be something that stays a part of the new baby's bedroom for years to come. You could look into getting a painting made of the first ultrasound – or have a go yourself if you're the artsy type! If the parents have already chosen a name for the baby, you could decorate cardboard or wooden letters to be hung up in their room – made even more adorable accompanied by a set of fairy lights to hang over them. These will make for unique baby shower gifts. You could come up with newborn baby basket ideas too.
How about some handy and responsible gift for the baby?
An animal theme door stopper or table age guard strips are cool and out of the box gift options which guarantees the safety and security of babies. Trust me, would be mamas would be thanking you for such thoughtful gifts once the babies are old enough to walk, explore and run around the homes.
Gifts are fine, but the glow and joy every would be mama gets on her face, is priceless. Give her the heartfelt compliment, it works, every single time…


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