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Facts to consider before swiping that card onto your next kiddie shopping!

Scenario 1- But mommy...ouch... This tee neck is too tight for me. And, I can’t put my hands through the sleeves. I want a new tee.

Scenario 2- Let’s get this romper. The shop assistant says it’s perfect for 6 months old. Plus, it can be used until the baby is a year old. (Around 5 months later)—Ohh, no. It’s not fitting her anymore. I spent so much on this. Now, what do I do with this?

Phew. And here you were thinking you are a smart mommy or daddy, who knows what fits your baby the best. Why, because, you are net savvy parents who love to keep a tab on the latest buzz in kids clothing, snooping around in toddler clothing stores online, seeing what’s in trend and what’s not. You frequent malls and don’t mind spending a bomb on that pink faux fur jacket for your little gal who just turned 4!

So, why you feel deceived and disappointed, when babies outgrow the clothes you bought months or a year ago? And how about those designer, bespoke boutique shops who manages to easily convince you to get that one of a kind princess dress or baby flannel shirt, simply because it is made to order and unique? Most of the time you have that pop-up cloud question hinting you, $40 for a kiddie jacket? Nah. Not worth it. But seconds later, with a happy grin, you end up swiping the card, thinking, it’s OK. It’s for my darling daughter. Toddler clothing stores appear everywhere you turn with baby clothes clearance outlets, discount baby clothes online, or cheap unisex baby clothes.

Let’s face it. Babies and kids grow overnight. What fit them a month ago will not come useful for next spring! When you are on a cute toddler clothes buying spree or looking through best baby clothes online, it is good to stop and ask, “Is it worth spending a bomb on kids clothing after all?”

My kid, My rules 

Whether you are expecting a baby or a proud parent of multiple kids, shopping for baby clothing is always exciting. And why not, dressing up your little one is a fun task for parents where you get to experiment with new trends, patterns and sometimes sticking to the Oldie but Goldie denim dungarees-stripes tee look.

For newborns and toddlers, staples like tees, jumpsuits, and jammies in multiple patterns get labeled as daily essentials. Most of the time the same gets multiplied in number because you felt it’s better to have a couple of pairs extra. The same rule gets followed for outerwear and shoes. And before you know it; your baby’s feet are long enough to wear those ankle length jammies or hand-crafted booties. Ditto for young kids, their school or ballet clothes get dumped in the corner of the closet because they have become embarrassingly short!

  • Stick to staples like tees, jammies in limited numbers. And pair or two for special occasion wears.
  • If you believe in hand me down, revamp clothes then nothing like it.
  • Curb the urge of frequent shopping for kids clothing. This can teach kids a lot about saving.

Little trendsetters

I am so Instagram ready!

Ohh... Your baby is such a little fashionista. Or, the little boy of yours is killing Instagram with that bow-tie look. Parents love to receive such online praises and likes for sharing their baby pictures in cute, on-trend attires. It’s a sense of achievement especially for new parents to dress up their baby in picture-perfect clothes where head to toe appearance matters! From turban style headband to rhinestones pink booties, everything dazzles and how.

  • Why follow trends when you can make your own to dress up your little ones. A hand-sewn headband with spring print one-piece is any day cuter than those mall counterparts.
  • Limit those adult-kids twinning fashion trends. Let kids fashion be innocent and cutesy.
  • Remember, kids are messy creatures and their clothes will get dirty. So, before buying those costly jackets and gowns, be prepared to visualize cake and mud stains on them.

The shaky budget

Save a little. Coz, splurging is such a passe’.

Because you want to give the little one everything under the shops (pun intended), you end up throwing the budget and bills rule out of the window. The realization starts kicking in once the baby grows and so does his or her primary needs. When looking for cheap baby clothes online (free shipping ones, of course), best baby outfit lines, cheap newborn baby boy and girl clothes, baby discount clothing, or for the best baby clothes stores near you, remember that you don’t need to buy it all. Spending on kiddie clothes is a necessity but needn’t be a priority.

  • Make a pocket budget. Spend on the essential clothing first.
  • Have a lot of giveaway clothes? Consider re-selling it or think charity.
  • Do indulge in kiddie retail therapy once in a while when you think it's absolutely necessary for a wardrobe makeover. Give “slow clothes” a chance and consider organic baby clothing.

Physical store VS Online shopping

Have you heard so and so kids clothing giant is coming to our country? I read they have the best choices for newborn clothes. Agreed, Physical shopping via weekend outings has become an inevitable certainty. But ever wondered why these prominent commercial kids clothing brands tend to flourish in shorter span? Well, the brand name, marketing gimmicks and everything foreign is superior mindset helps in making those shops in biggies.

Thanks to the advancements like virtual cart and 360-degree view of ensemble, most busy parents is giving big thumbs up to online shopping for buying clothes and essentials. All the basic queries like sizes, fabric, wash care, etc are pre-written for feasibility and hassle-free shopping experience. And you can always return those if that gingham romper is bit tight or a shoe has a loose buckle.

Love online shopping? Then you will love us too!

We at Cutesy Cup believe in giving the best and affordable clothing solutions for babies and kids. We have a wonderful array of the best baby clothes online that you will surely love. Our regular presence social media has made us make a concrete relationship with our valued customers who can’t stop gushing about how their babies look super adorable in our clothes, photography prop options.

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For starters, we are not a fan of pocket-hidden costs and those meddling middlemen issues. Hence, we avoid them. All our clothes are 100% hand-picked from trusted and creative manufactures, so they have the best price tag aka affordable and pocket-friendly.

There’s something for everyone at cutesy Cup:

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Smart shopping is so much fun and liberating. And if you happen to save few dollars on awesome online deal and wish to celebrate your victory, think country. Kaleidoscope, candy, feed Llama, whatever….




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