March 11, 2020 4 min read

Some Amazing Facts about your Unborn Baby 

Because it’s always better to know a thing or two about your unborn baby, right?

From getting conceived to delivering a baby, the pregnancy journey is sure bumpy and burpy but always rewarding. From attending the prenatal yoga sessions to swearing by the fat pregnancy digests, a would-be mamma is already a mother hen who wants the best for her baby, the moment a pregnancy is confirmed.

So, while the mommy-to-be is busy taking care of the rapidly evolving tummy of hers, there is a lot that is happening inside it which is beyond heartbeat, limbs, and hairs. As a would-be parent, you may nod at the info your gynaecologist gives about the baby development and latest know-how’s but they tend to be limited at best. And reading those tongue-twisting medical terms and facts from pregnancy books can make you even more confused. As stated rightly, pregnancy is a wonderful miracle and new mommas-to-be love reading interesting facts about pregnancy and other newborn facts. Sometimes it is necessary to differentiate between baby myths and facts too. Some of these facts about pregnancy and embryonic development blow your mind. These below mentioned amazing unborn baby facts prove just thatRead on to find out more as you never know some of it might be happening right now in that pregnant belly of yours while scrolling this page!

That little heartbeat

Just six weeks into your pregnancy and that little heartbeat can be heard when the fetal doppler is rested on your tummy at a regular prenatal care visit. Amazing and endearing!

My baby strongest

While you are busy taking Lamaze and prenatal yoga lessons to keep fit, your baby is building some bones and muscles too. That tiny body will have 300 bones by the time he or she is born. Baby’s 300 to adults 206 bones, surely, the little one knows how to outperform parents in every way. Call it a miracle but the bones in that tiny body will soon get blend in to make it into an adult number.

Your baby can cry, already

Ok, we know a loud and howling cry is a favorite weapon of babies for a mamma cuddle. But don’t think that they learn this ouin ouin rhythm after the birth coz babies cry right from the time they are in the womb. When you reach 26 weeks of pregnancy, your little one is busy polishing on his crying skills!

Oh, hairy baby

Imagine a baby with a moustache, strange right? It’s one of those facts about foetuses that sound too odd, but its true. Every baby develops one while in your tummy. The very hair growth is known as lanugo then gradually spreads all over their body. What’s more? These hairs get shed into the amniotic fluid which your baby will “eat” it and then “excrete” it out after they are born and take a poo poo. This is the same hair growth which you love to caress and feel. Quite a hairy journey!

 O mama, you are funny 

When you are laughing your guts out, your little one shows the same happy gesture by bouncing up and down in the tummy. Okay, it’s not a laugh laugh but knowing that your baby is happy while you share a good laugh is a good enough reason to make you even happier! And oh, for the fact, this joy ride takes place from about 32 weeks from conception.

Shush!! Don’t make noise, he can hear you!

Is that your mobile ringing? It can surprise or even annoy your baby while he is sleeping in the tummy. Yes, starting 23 weeks, babies can develop a good hearing. You might want to keep this in mind if you are wondering when can baby hear dad the womb. Your sneezing, shrieking and other audible emotions can startle and alert your baby.

 My mother tongue...hmm... interesting

 Awestruck fact but yes, babies learn to sync in with rhythms and tones of their mother tongue or language right from the tummy days. So their ehh, neh baby sounds are not newly found but practiced way earlier.

Mmm...What’s that smell?

From about 28 weeks, babies can smell the same thing as you do. So if you are inhaling the sweet smell of roses or foul smell of backyard garbage, chances are that he will wiggle his little nose the same time you went in the search of your hanky! And when some smells get real whiffy, babies wince and frown too.

 It’s yummy. Baby’s got a sweet tooth

It’s a known fact that babies know their flavors well in the womb as the food which mamma eats can alter the flavor of amniotic fluid. But one interesting baby development fact is that come 15 weeks, babies are drawn towards sweet flavors as they swallow more fluid when it’s sweet and prefer the bitter ones lesser.

Where are my knees

Another interesting baby facts trivia is that babies are born without knee caps. The same will develop after their birth, usually at the start of 6 months. Wobbly and tiny, it’s always better to give their tiny legs proper nourish and care.

It’s time for pee pee

Babies are capable of producing urine by about 12 weeks. They basically swallow the amniotic fluid which gets digested and filtered by the kidneys and urinated back again into the uterus. Quite a ride for a pee.

 Zzz... Mamma, I got a dream

We know how babies love to sleep all day long but fact alert- they are sleep trained from 4 weeks after conception. And the fun fact is that REM sleep waves associated with tiny eye movements of dreamy dreams can be identified by 30 weeks after you conceive. So if you wish to sing a lullaby, choose a dreamy one!



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