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A smart guide to arrange your kid's wardrobe perfectly...

Searching for her tutu skirt just an hour prior to the ballerina lessons or a usual morning dress-up battle where a pair of socks decides to play hide and seek until the school bus arrives at your driveway, these are everyday kiddie scenarios where a happy mommy often goes into zombie mode till she finds that canvas shoe or knitted socks.

Neatly stacked tees, a shoe happily paired with its mirrored twin and even mini accessories like a bow tie or a turban headband, finding what you need when it’s needed is every mom’s dream come true. DIY kids clothes storage planners and closet organizer for kids are useful in organizing your child’s room on a budget. A well organized and a tidy closet for your kid is not a far chased dream if you know the quick hacks. Plenty of resources will help you learn how to organize kids’ clothes, how to fold kids clothes, organize toddler clothes in drawers, how to organize a child’s dresser, shoes, or bedrooms, and figure out a kids closet organizer system. You can arrange clothes season-wise, arrange baby clothes by size or figure out how a good old shoe box can be converted into a DIY accessory box.

A cute closet for your moon-pie!!!

Here is a smart guide to making your kid's wardrobe look like a pretty picture from a decor magazine with some amazing baby closet ideas:

Use the space wisely

Think small when it comes to designing kids wardrobe or when considering kids clothes organization ideas. Small cubbies, drawers, and mini storage bins come handy and useful. You can place it on the wardrobe shelves, making it the best way to store baby clothes according to style, pattern, and sizes. For e.g. keep the tops and tees in separate drawers so that they don’t get mixed with bottom wear and alike.

Keep the seasonal wear clothing like sweaters, snoods in zippered bags in upper shelves so that you can find them easily when needed. Similarly, keep the pajamas, pullovers and all things regulars within the handy reach in a box tagged daily’s. Install Hang in rods to place those occasional wears which give a pretty picture of a wardrobe when you open the doors of the one.

Save a minute with time savers

Arrange the weekly school clothing in advance so that it’s easier for you to get the kids ready for school without a hussle of a missing sock or pep squad scarf. Involve the kids in picking out their everyday school or activity wear and keep it arranged day wise with hang tags. Keep the kids clothing storage boxes and hanging rods accessible and within the height range of kids so that they can get ready by themselves while you make that tiffin ready.  

Essentials always come first

Essentials like drawer inserts, belt racks, shelf dividers, etc are the real lifesavers of any wardrobe organization, and toddler clothes organization ideas are no different. Their sleepwear, undergarmentsdaily wear socks, and more can be neatly stacked in the same as soon as they get freshly laundered and pressed. Colorful kids hangers compliments the kids clothing perfectly so make sure you buy plenty. Pull-put belts and hooks are another fun way to hang the accessories like backpacks, hats, headbands or even winter mittens, and are essentials for good baby closet organization ideas.

A closet for two

When you are making a closet that shares more than one name, it’s wise to divide the space equally. Kids have their own mindset and a sense of ownership feeling especially when bearing their individual tag on a wardrobe. The key to them happily sharing closet space with their bro is to be a smart kids clothes organizer and divide the space with a symmetrical layout. You can take the help of children’s closet organization ideas and closet organizer for kids plans.

Equal number of racks on either side of a center unit will not only make the kids get their belongings easily but can also give them a sense of space individuality too. Label the kids clothes storage baskets with the kid's name so that you don’t mix up their belongings. Figuring out how to organize a childrens’ closet can seem daunting, but these tips will surely help.

Let those little hands help you

Involve your kiddos in the toddler closet organization process and let them learn a thing or two. Show them how you organize baby clothes,how to de-clutter the wardrobe space by folding in clothes, how to organize and store baby clothes,and even making simple decisions like which dress to wear for a party which can build a sense of choice selection in them. Go for a kid friendly closet organization plan.Take them shopping when you buying closet dividers and let them choose the color and pattern for the same.

Toys, Books and more

Be it a stuffed elephant doll cushion, or pediatricians file, kids essentials often gets tossed in the closet without labeling and proper organizing. Use storage spots and cubbies to keep the toys and children's books on the lower shelves where kids can reach them easily. And for the medicines, infrared digital thermometer,doctors prescriptions and anything not-kid friendly, keep it away preferably on the upper side of the closet.

 A closet doesn’t have to be plain red or blue, AKA plain Jane and boring. Add a peek of your kid's personality in the same. Princess, clever pirate and much more, you can customize and paint the wardrobe as per your kid's liking. Write their name initials or make a fun, hand-painted DIY board with your kid to add a personal appeal to the wardrobe. Go vintage and put blackboard sticker on the closet door where you kid can doodle and learn the ABC’s.

For more such DIY mom friendly ideas and baby clothes organization tips, do check out  the organised housewife page and grab a trick or two to build a fun closet for your kids.

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