December 10, 2021 5 min read

"Moms are superheroes who are perfect at multi-tasking." is instead an overrated statement. I say they are humans who are just trying their best to strike a balance between their work and responsibilities. So whether you are a working mom or a homemaker, there is one question that lingers around every mother's mind, that is, how to keep the houseclean, especially when you have crazy toddler tornadoes who love dirt, noise, and destruction? The reality of life with little kids around is that your home can never be clutter-free. But hey! It could be a little more organized and clean to keep you away from the stress of that mess, at least!

Keeping a clean house may seem a daunting task, especially when you already have so much on your platter. But do not worry, I have got your back, for I am going to give you ten house cleaning tips that may be a game-changer for all those working moms out there. Read on to know more! Also, there is a little surprise for you waiting at the end of this quick guide.

House cleaning tips ‚Äď A quick guide¬†

For all those working moms out there, I have curated a house cleaning checklist that would help you to keep your house clean and organized while you are on the go. Let us dive in then, shall we?


     house cleaning tips

     1. Set up a realistic cleaning schedule-

    Set realistic house cleaninggoals, for which you need to prepare a cleaning schedule. Having a plan will allow you to jot down daily and weekly cleaning tasks that are important and need to get done. Rather than jumping from one task to another without really fully finishing one thing, having acleaning schedule will give you a direction that will make your cleaning task efficient and effective.


     house cleaning tips

         2. Involve your kids-

    If your kids are old enough to help you while you are on a cleaning spree, start assigning them simple tasks. For instance, if you are cleaning the kitchen, have your kid unload the dishwasher or wipe the counters. If you need guidance on involving your kids, this post provides you with the ultimate list of age-appropriate household chores that kids can do with you.


          3. Set up multiple cleaning stations-

    Instead of having all your cleaning supplies in one place, stock them in multiple areas in your house. This way, you would save time and can clean your home while you are on the go. For instance, if you stock up each bathroom with a cleaning basket that contains a soft scrub, toilet brush, and some disinfectant wipes. Then you could grab that wipe and clean the sink while your little toddler is busy pooping for the 3rd time in the day!!


     house cleaning tips

         4. Laundry day, every day-

    Doing several small laundry loads is better than doing one or two giant piles of laundry in a single day. It is apparent that with little kids around, you will have dirty laundry each day, which may turn into heaps if it remains unattended, which may be a daunting task to do all at once. So ensure you make doing your laundry a part of your everyday routine.


     house cleaning tips

    ¬† ¬† ¬†5. Clean toys in a dishwasher ‚Äst

    Those favorite toys of your munchkins need to be scrubbed and sanitized more so often. So if you are busy, you may not find the time to do this. Hence the best way out is to throw these toys into the dishwasher rack and let it do the job. For relatively smaller toys, you could use a mesh bag and then put it into the washer.


     house cleaning tips

         6. Automation makes life easier-

    Instead of sweeping your floors with a broom, invest in some good vacuum. This way, you can save your time, energy, and efforts and can get aclean house in no time. You need to find little ways to incorporate automation in your daily life to speed up your cleaning process. For instance, having timed dishwashers, laundry, vacuums, etc. Trust me, these are lifesavers!



     storage ideas

         7. Easy storage is a game-changer-

    While it may seem easy to dump all your kids' stuff in bins or the closet, but the reality is that it tends to look messy. And more so, you can never find that thing, from that dump, when required the most. Therefore, it is best to have good storage or organizers to keep things tidy. You could have this durable baby organizer that is just the right accessory to add to your baby's stroller or as a wall hanging to store toys, diapers, and other items. It has easy-to-access compartments and wet wipes dispenser.


         8. Purge excess stuff-

    The idea of having only those things in your house that brings you joy and that is a complete necessity in itself sounds so clutter-free. With little kids in the house, this idea seems to be challenging to implement, but you can give it a try. It is so much easier to clean the house if there is less stuff. If you're cleaning your house the next time, and find something that is not required, then find it a permanent home (donate it) or get rid of it.


         9. Do not aim for perfection-

    The top mantra for working moms to keep aclean house while on the go is to stop aiming for perfection. Remember, your home does not have to look "spotless" but just "well organized." It would be best if you focused on getting ticking off each time from your daily cleaning schedule without worrying about it being perfectly done. As long as your counters are wiped, floor is swept, laundry is done, even if your house doesn't seem to be spotless, it is okay!


         10. Delegate-

    Like we mentioned earlier of assigning tasks to your kids, that was majorly to instill a sense of responsibility in your little wonders. It would be best if you turned to your partner or any other adult member living in your house for real help. Delegate the house cleaning tasks daily; it will be a lot more time-saving and efficient.

    The Takeaway

    Well, like I had mentioned in the start, about a surprise that did await you, if you made it till the end of this article. So here it goes! Here's a free printable cleaning schedule checklist that is perfect for all working moms out there. You can print them and stick it on your fridge to constantly remind each member of your family of the cleaning tasks assigned to them. 


    Do let me know in the comments below if you have any cleaning tips or maybe your favorite cleaning schedule for working moms that you would want to share! I did like to read about it. Let's build a strong motherhood community together!

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